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Former Miss USA: TSA Airport Screener “Touched My Vagina”

Miss USA 2003 Susie Castillo says she was molested by security agents at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport when she opted out of the full body scan due to concerns about radiation.

(Photo: David Shankbone)

According to her blog, Castillo was returning from hosting the red carpet premier of the action film Fast Five in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, making a connection in Dallas-Ft. Worth, where she was selected for a full body security scan. “I will always ‘opt out’ of going through these body scanners,” she writes, “especially since the long-term effects of radiation are quite well documented.”

After opting out, Castillo says she followed a “nice older female TSA employee to the ‘pat down’ area.” Having been subject to TSA pat-downs before, she figured it was “no biggie.” But this time, “it was MUCH MORE invasive.” “To say that I felt violated is an understatement,” she writes. “What bothered me most was when she ran the back of her hands down my behind, felt around my breasts, and even came in contact with my vagina… I was in shock!” Castillo says the TSA screener touched her vagina four times. “Was I at my gynecologist’s office? No! This was crazy!”

The former pageant queen says she “felt completely helpless and violated during the entire process.” “I have never felt more violated in my life than I did that morning at DFW,” Castillo wrote. “How far will WE let this go?” she asks, quoting Benjamin Franklin that “any society that would give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

Susie’s Experience with the TSA Pat Down from on Vimeo.

Castillo opines that TSA pat-downs are a “total violation of our rights.” “This is precisely the kind of unjust search and seizure our Constitution was created to protect us from… We shouldn’t be giving up our liberties as Americans because of our fears. The government can’t keep us safe. No matter how much they promise us they can, it’s a false promise.”

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