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‘Douche du Jour’: Kathy Michelle Coy Murders Pregnant Woman & Steals Baby from her Womb

Kathy Michelle Coy wanted a baby of her own so badly that she would stop at nothing– including murdering a pregnant woman and cutting the fetus from her womb– in order to get one. According to CBS News, Coy lured 21-year-old Jamie Stice to a wooded area near Bowling Green, Kentucky under the false premise that the two woman were going shopping for baby supplies. But when Stice arrived, Coy used a stun gun to subdue her victim before slashing her throat and wrists with a drywall knife.

It gets worse. Coy then allegedly disemboweled Stice and cut her unborn baby from her womb. She then took the baby boy to the Medical Center at Bowling Green and claimed she’d just given birth. But Coy’s grasp of human anatomy was so poor that she failed to detach the uterus, ovaries, placenta and umbilical cord from the baby; it was immediately obvious that she had not given birth to the child. A doctor’s examination further confirmed this. Police were called out to the hospital and Coy was taken into custody.

At first, she claimed she’d bought the child. But a search of her home found links to two pregnant women on Facebook, one of whom was Jamie Stice. After further questioning, Coy led officers to the wooded area where Stice’s body had been left.

“We could have never found the body if Ms. Coy didn’t tell us where it was,” investigator Chad Winn told CBS.

Small comfort that is to Stice’s family.

The baby boy, named Isiah, is in “good condition,” according to James Reynolds, his father.

Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron says he may seek the death penalty in the case.

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  2. FranziskaApril 26, 2011 at 2:15 amReply

    I’m so shocked… humans can be such monsters!

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