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“The Admiral”: I’m Mad, and I Want to Have a Party

by “The Admiral”


(With as much power as the President of the United States or any CEO in America)

Make no mistake, you are a slave to the overwhelming forces of “Modern American Capitalism” and to a plutocratic government.  A government that controls and supports this destructive economy… YOUR government.

How much do you think you pay in taxes?  Fifteen percent?  Twenty percent?  Twenty-five?   No.  You pay over half of your money to the government.  Over fifty percent!  To put it another way, since January 1st of this year you have been working solely to pay your money to the government… your masters… with the mega-corporations and financial institutions of America pulling their strings like puppet-masters… and you will continue to work to pay THEM well into July.  (And by the way… you are providing the graft-money to the puppet-masters too)

Think I’m wrong?  Start totaling this in your head; federal income tax, social security tax, unemployment, Medicaid, state income tax, worker’s comp, real estate tax, other property tax, state sales tax, county taxes, local taxes, school taxes, excise taxes on gas/liquor/airfare/tobacco products/etc, hidden taxes on normal monthly bills like your phone/internet/cable/internet, even things like tanning salons and parking garages have hidden taxes.
Then you can start adding in “fees” (which is government slang for more tax).  Fees like your diver’s license, pet license, marriage license, fishing license, highway tolls, permit fees for building/remodeling, owning a gun, or camping.  Then there’s govt. mandated insurance for your car, home, health (soon)… and events like concerts, operas, movies, parties, even eating at a restaurant or going to get a cup of coffee!  All of these events and places of business are required to have insurance and permits.  These costs are passed along to the consumers in the cost of the tickets, meals, etc.

Now start thinking about the fines and costs associated with mistakes you make in life… traffic tickets, parking tickets, unpaid tax penalties, other fines levied by the courts, etc.  Ever been late paying an insurance bill… fee!  Ever buy a state lottery ticket?  You just paid a “stupid tax”!  Ever gamble in a casino and lose (or win a lot)?   Do you run your own small business?  Ever buy a house?  Stocks and bonds?  The list goes on forever!

See how quickly it adds up?  Still think I’m wrong?  And here’s the big question.… does the government spend YOUR money wisely?  I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on… the answer is a resounding NO!!!  And since the government takes MOST of our money, I have no problem invoking the word “slavery”.

Okay, so the government gets over half of your money.  What do you get in return?  For that much money, you would hope it would be a lot!  The government levies taxes upon it’s citizens for the following reasons; national defense, social justice, assisting the indigent, education, infrastructure, health and safety, safeguarding our economy, and international relations and aid.  How’s your government doing on those responsibilities?

National Defense… we have the largest, most powerful army in the world, by far.  We are fighting wars on three fronts.  Afghanistan because of a Saudi named Osama whom we have not caught since he attacked us ten years ago.  Iraq because Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 and possessed WMD, both of which proved to be false.  And now Libya which has yet to unfold.  These actions have cost you and other taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Social Justice and Assisting the Indigent… The social security program has been poorly managed and is doomed.  Racism is still rampant.  Religion plays a huge part in government (specifically one religion only).  Criminal behavior and prisons are a big problem (mostly because of the ‘war on drugs’ which has accomplished little, at best) and we have more prisoners that any other nation.  Poverty and homelessness are shamefully high in ‘the wealthiest country on earth’.

Education… Public schools are failing (and many are dangerous).  Private schools are astronomically expensive.  Most people can’t afford to send their children to college.  The USA is now ranked in the bottom 50% in education among the industrialized nations of the world.  Teachers pay and benefits are being eviscerated.

Infrastructure… Our roads and bridges are the worst they have been in my lifetime.  Very little improvements have been made to our national power grid in decades.  Most people are buying bottled water to drink or, at least, purifying their tap water.  The post office’s efficiency has dropped drastically.  Financial cuts are being made to the FDA (those who make sure our food is safe)

Health and Safety… If I’m paying over 50% in taxes, I want completely free healthcare!

Safeguarding our Economy… do I really have to mention anything?  Those that created the meltdown are still in power.  Those that created this financial mess have gotten financial bonuses beyond comprehension (the equivalent of people like us winning the lottery for several weeks in a row).  Those that were bailed out, were bailed out with YOUR money and they are beyond the scope of the law; beyond indictment, beyond investigation… because they write the laws!  They use YOUR money to bribe YOUR leaders to write THEIR laws.

International Relations and Aid… If you have travelled out of the US in the past ten years, you know what the world opinion is regarding the USA.  And it’s hard to help other nations financially when the US has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from other countries, like China.

We pay over 50% of our money in taxes and our government has run up a $14,000,000,000,000.00 debt.  In essence, every taxpayer in the US still owes nearly $50,000.00 to cover the debt.  I would say that you are getting a poor RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT

If the governors of our nation aren’t doing a good job, they must not be doing their job, right?  RIGHT!  Most of a politician’s time is spent on the following three things; raising money to get re-elected, campaigning and working with lobbyists and other special interest groups (SIGs).  These lobbyists and SIGs give politicians lots and lots of gifts!  Money!  And they give that money for one reason… so that when the politicians do govern (i.e. vote on legislation and decide how your tax dollars are best spent) they do it with that corporation or group’s best financial interests in mind, not YOURS.  On average, less than half of their time is spent on actual governing.  Your leaders should be working on solutions to the aforementioned problems, but in fact, most politicians are woefully ignorant of economic theory, military issues, international affairs, sociology, history, technology, national infrastructure, etc.

Our nation is rapidly turning into an oligarchy.  The major corporations and special interest groups have far too much ability to control the laws of our nation.  The US Supreme Court even stated that corporations can spend as much money as they want to on election advertisement!  This is, by far, the most damaging ruling to our democracy ever.  The Supreme Court claims that money is, somehow, linked to free speech.  This proposition is ludicrous.  Free speech implies that we all share in that free speech.  If unlimited money is part of free speech, then people like you and me have laryngitis!   Do you have a billion dollars to get YOUR message out?

The laws need to change.  Those Supreme Court rulings need to be reversed.  Politicians should not be allowed to benefit from lobbyists or SIGs in any way at all.  And lobbyist and SIGs should only be allowed to persuade politicians based on the merits of their argument.

Most politicians don’t want you to notice the things they do.  They don’t want you to have an educated opinion of national affairs.  Your ignorance is their windfall.  So is your inaction.  But things are bad, and people are mad.  So they play a game with you.  They tell you what to be mad about.  They blame the other party.  They obfuscate.  And they introduce smaller, simpler, emotional issues for you to worry about.  Issues like gay marriage and whether you should say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”.

During the congressional hearings regarding the financial meltdown of 2008 (i.e. Bear Stearns, AIG, etc.), the media paid way too much attention to the fact that a congressman used the word “shitty” during the testimony than to the substance of the investigation and not enough attention to explaining the meaning of derivatives and credit default swaps.

And while you are arguing with your neighbor or you parents over these smaller issues, major changes are made to our democracy.  It’s time for you to free your mind and your emotions… and to educate yourself.  Stop playing THEIR partisan game!!!

I’m sure you have heard that the richest 5% of the nation possess more than 90% of the wealth (or a similar statistic)… and it’s true!  The balance of wealth in the US is way off kilter.  But while that money does afford them a lot of power, each of these people only get one vote in an election.  Just like YOU!  You have the same voting power as The President, The Congressmen, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, or any CEO in America.  And while they are the richest 5% in the country, WE have 95% of the voting power!!!!  This may be the last shred of democracy remaining in this nation… and it is the most powerful weapon in the fight to regain control of our nation… and abolish financial slavery.

Imagine that… if we could put our trivial differences aside, educate ourselves and band together, we could change everything!  AND THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE REAL CHANGE.  So I am proposing a new political party.  Call it “The American Party”.

There is much that needs to change, but The American Party will start with a few simple goals… Let’s call them “our first three ideals”:

First, members of the American Party must take it upon themselves to learn about and be open minded about real issues.  You must abandon your current political brainwashing.

Second, you must never support a politician unless they are committed to changing campaign finance (this includes overturning the recent Supreme Court decision).

Third, you must never support a candidate or incumbent unless that person commits to “never accept any money or gifts from lobbyists or SIGs, even differed money or gifts or favors or job promises”.

You need to vote the existing government out of office.  And you can’t accept any more candidates that accept the status quo.  If you see another ballot, and your choice would be the “lesser of two evils”… it’s time to walk out into the parking lot, grab a mega-phone and a picket sign, and burn that ballot!

Your slavery to this corrupt government has to end.  A grassroots, nation-wide commitment to these three common-sense ideals is all we need to get the ball rolling.  And so, you need to help get this message out!

Send an email to your friends, your Senators, your Representatives and The White House.  Tell them that you are a member of a new political party, The American Party!  Attach this letter.  And be sure to mention that you will not vote for them unless they publicly swear commitment to our three ideals… that is our “forty acres”… we’ll be back for the mule!


-“The Admiral” is an open-minded activist for common sense change in matters of government, social ethics and economics.

Editor’s note: Apparently there is already a political party called the American Party. It is a conservative, Tea Party group. “The Admiral” is by NO MEANS endorsing this “American Party.”

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  1. VinmegaApril 21, 2011 at 4:40 pmReply

    AMEN! to this blogger!
    You speak the truth. Even when buying gold to avoid the issues of the markets, you pay a 13% ‘premium’ to the government…when you buy ammo or guns you pay a 11% tax to the government…seems like they have us on both sides…

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