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Coming Soon to Cuba: Private Property

Cautious reform in Cuba.

The Cuban government has announced that it will allow people to buy and sell their homes for the first time since the communist revolution in 1959, the BBC reports.

The welcome move was decided during a Communist Party Congress, the first such gathering in 14 years. A stated goal of the Congress is the rejuvenation of Cuba’s creaky and corrupt communist system.

Since Fidel Castro rose to power as a result of  the 1959 revolution, Cubans could only pass their homes to their children or trade them through a byzantine and corrupt system.

While private property will soon be permitted, Cuban President Raul Castro warned his people that the concentration of property would not be tolerated.

That wasn’t the only major reform to come out of the Party Congress. Castro also suggested term limits for top political positions. He said the party leadership needed renewal and ought to be more self-critical of itself.

Castro also called for a new generation of leaders to correct past mistakes in order to ensure the survival of the communist system once the current generation of leaders passes from the scene.

State-run media said former President Fidel Castro approved of the reforms.

In other news from Cuba, Fidel Castro has announced he is stepping down as head of the Cuban communist party. The 84-year-old revolutionary hero and longtime dictator has been transitioning into retirement since 2006; in 2008 he officially resigned from the presidency.

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