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‘Douche du Jour’: Pennsylvania Sportswriter Blames Bryan Stow, S.F. Giants Fan Brutally Beaten at Dodger Stadium, for his Own Attack


John Steigerwald, a veteran Pennsylvania sportswriter and TV sports reporter, has sparked widespread outrage over an article he wrote in the Observer-Reporter in which he blames Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan beaten to within an inch of his life outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on April 1, for the attack.

Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two from Santa Cruz, California, was wearing a Giants jersey as he made his way to his car after the game when he was jumped by a pair of 20-something young men wearing Dodger blue. Witnesses say that as the men brutally beat Stow they cursed the Giants. Stow is still hospitalized in a medically induced coma in Los Angeles; part of his skull had to be removed to allow his brain to swell. Doctors say his chances of waking up from the coma are slim.

Incredibly, Steigerwald says it’s time for sports fans like Stow to “grow up” and stop wearing team jerseys. “Are there really 40-something men who think that wearing the jersey makes them part of the team? It was cute when a 10-year-old kid got that feeling by showing up at Three Rivers Stadium in a Pirates jersey, but when did little boys stop growing out of that?” he wrote. “Maybe someone can ask Stow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants gear to a Dodgers home opener when there was a history of out-of-control drunkenness and arrests at that event going back several years,” he added.

That’s not all– douchebag Steigerwald says Stow’s attackers “probably thought they were doing their duty as Dodger fans. They were protecting Dodger turf.”

Erin Sherbert of SF Weekly says that blaming Stow for his own attack is akin to “saying a woman in a short skirt was asking for it.”

Too right.

John Steigerwald has every right to express his opinion, as insensitive as it may be. But we’ve also got the right to call him a douchebag. Because for blaming the victim of a horrific crime– one which may cost him his life– that’s exactly what the veteran sportswriter is.


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  1. Betty FokkerApril 18, 2011 at 8:01 pmReply

    It’s not often that someone “looks” like a douchebag as well as acts like one, but that columnist has it all.

  2. Lorraine Williams-BlinApril 21, 2011 at 8:44 amReply

    What a horrible thing that has happened to this young man Bryan Stow!! There is so much violence in sports period and it’s really too bad. I have a four year old son that maybe won’t even be able to be a major league baseball fan because by the time he is 42 like Bryan, fans will just be sick and tired of ludricous game acts and probably just won’t be going to live games anymore. Shame on you to the attackers… a game is just a game… what happened to good sportsmanship and a little team rivalry, where everyone can just enjoy the game of baseball? Also, yes, Steigerwald, you are a douchebag!! How dare you say that this young man deserved his attack! Just like you have the right to free speech in The United States of America, doesn’t Bryan Stowe have the freedom to dress how he chooses too?! My family and I will continuing praying for you Bryan, that you will wake up soon… I believe miracles happen!! Regards, from Lorraine Williams-Blin Ontario, Canada

  3. ClaireMay 23, 2011 at 8:49 amReply

    Comments are exactly right! One exception I will note: MY MOST SINCEREE AND HUMBLE APOLOGIES TO A douchebag for being compared to this cretin.

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