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First Gay Caveman Found in Prague Suburb

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic have discovered the 5,000-year-old skeletal remains of what they believe is the world’s oldest known gay or transsexual caveman, the Telegraph reports. The male skeleton, which dates back to 2900- 2500 BC, was interred in a manner in which only females were buried during the Copper Age Corded Ware culture.

The remains were found in a Prague suburb by lead archaeologist Kamila Remisova Vesinova and her team. It’s head was pointing eastward and it was surrounded by household items such as jugs. In the highly ritualistic Corded War culture, so named because of the widespread use of decorative corded impressions found on its pots, men were buried lying on their right side with their  heads pointing toward the west. Women were buried on their left sides with their heads facing east. Weapons, tools, food and drink were buried with deceased men; women were interred with bone necklaces, pets, copper earrings, jugs and pottery.

“From history and ethnology, we know that people from this period took funeral rites very seriously so it is highly unlikely that this positioning was a mistake,” Vesinova explained. “Far more likely is that he was a man with a different sexual orientation, homosexual or transsexual,” she concluded.

“What we see here doesn’t add up to traditional Corded Ware cultural norms,” concurred archaeologist Katerina Semradova. “None of the objects that usually accompany male burials, such as weapons, stone battle axes and flint knives were found in the grave.”

Semradova said archaeologists once unearthed a Stone Age case of a female warrior buried as a man.

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