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Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show Ending Later this Year

Going, going… good riddance!

Who says there’s never any good news on this site?

Raw Story reports that Glenn Beck, first among Fox News’ fearmongerers (no mean feat), has announced plans to “transition off” his Fox program and “re-align” the agreement between Fox and Mercury Radio Arts, his production company. According to a news release, Beck’s company will design unspecified new media for Fox News and other Fox outlets. No specific date was given for when we can expect to celebrate Beck’s final show, but Raw Story says it will happen “later this year.”

Last month, the New York Times’ David Carr wrote about how Beck’s viewing audience has shrunk by over a million viewers since his heyday about a year ago. Some 300 advertisers have abandoned his show, which is one outrageous conspiracy theory after another. Example: Beck recently asserted that progressive groups in the United States were conspiring with labor unions and Islamic terrorists to bring about the downfall of the Western way of life. His ludicrous arguments often cross the line of decency– he once famously claimed that President Obama harbored “a deep-seated hatred for white people,” which hasn’t helped retain viewers or advertisers, either.

Beck still has advertisers, especially companies hawking survivalist supplies or gold coins at inflated prices. These products are a perfect fit for Beck considering the  doomsday forecasts that are a constant feature of his show. And he still has plenty of viewers, too– two million of them every day, “numbers that just about any cable news host would envy,” writes Carr. But Beck’s declining audience and fleeing advertisers are only part of the problem.

There’s also the issue of credibility. Before you laugh and ask how dare I include “credibility” and “Fox” in the same post, you should know that some Fox journalists (yes, they exist) and other network personalities are quite concerned that having Beck on board brings down the credibility of the network’s more serious programming.

In any case, the loss of his 5PM Fox News program won’t be the end of the world for Glenn Beck. As Carr points out, “he could live without Fox News. Unlike some other cable hosts, Mr. Beck has a huge multiplatform presence: he has sold around four million books, is near the top of talk-radio ratings, has a growing Web site called The Blaze, along with a stage performance that still packs houses. Forbes estimated that his company… had more than $30 million in revenue.”

We can’t wait until “later this year,” when we finally bid fare-thee-well to Beck and his Apocalypse Hour. But even after that joyous day, don’t think you’ve seen the last of Glenn Beck. There are more than enough adoring  idiots out there to keep him in the public eye for years to come.

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  1. yaoi huntress earthApril 6, 2011 at 5:34 pmReply

    I guess karma does exist, but who thinks Fox will become part of Glenn’s shitlist and be part of one of his conspiracies?

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