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Pakistani Brothers Arrested Over Cannibal Curry

Cannibal curry.

Pakistani police have arrested two brothers for allegedly digging up a freshly buried corpse and cooking and eating the flesh in a curry, the Guardian reports.

Muhammed Arif, age 40, and his brother Farman Ali, 37, were arrested following a police raid on their home in a remote part of Punjab province. The men allegedly cut the legs off the corpse of a 24-year-old woman who died of cancer and cooked the flesh in a steel pot. The brothers had already eaten some of their cannibal curry by the time police arrived on the scene. Senior police officer Malik Abdul Rehman told the Guardian that the brothers were known cannibals and had been dining on corpses, including that of a four-year-old girl dug up from the local cemetery, for at least a year.

According to Rehman, the brothers took up cannibalism out of revenge after their mother died and their wives left them. “It became an addiction for them,” the officer told the Guardian.

Muhammed and Farman were caught red-handed. In addition to the partially eaten curry, the body of their victim was in one room of their house, along with shovels, knives and other tools of their grisly trade. But there is no punishment for cannibalism under Pakistani law; the worst the brothers can be charged with right now is digging up and desecrating a grave– good for six months behind bars.

From Pakistani TV:

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  1. JasminApril 23, 2011 at 10:54 amReply

    I just can’t believe this at ALL, this is a disgrace to all us Muslims in England for what Pakistan has come to, no matter what happens there is no way that it should have came to this, everyone’s mother’s die but they do not go this mental that they eat people, this so much gunah (sin) if someone killed there mother then they should have went through caught or something else or if there mother died because of fate then that was Allah’s (god) wish, it was a time for her maybe to go to Allah (god)which can not be changed, I read this all and I just can’t believe Pakistani law is like this it’s a disgrace as-well, they should be like England if this happened in England these 2 men would have been in jail and also all life in there and getting their punishment, or hang them to death, end day eating humans who are dead or eating them alive it’s the same as killing or harming someone, it’s like stabbing a human and they would go jail and have their punishment so by eating them should be worse thing to do, a lot people in England seen these video’s and stories on this thing and a lot of us Muslims want these 2 brother’s life time punishment OR hang them to death, how low can they get and eat a girl who was a-ready suffering because of her cancer and she had died and then these 2 pathetic men dug up the grave and took the body at home and cut her legs and cooked and ate them ITS UNBELIEVABLE really upsetting to know this, and also which upsets even more that they ate a little girl who was 4 years old how low and DISGUSTING of you people your not Muslims your something else your not 1 of us even English people don’t go this low how you lot have, I request that these 2 should get all life punishment or hanged till death, no matter what they should and then they will learn their lesson, or give them over to the England police and they will show them what law is and what punishment is here like if you Pakistani people can’t do it , BUT THEN AGAIN we don’t want Muslim people like this coming in our country to disgrace us even more, Hope this made any different in your thinking and thoughts, I said what I felt and was feeling because it have made a-lot people upset and scared them a-lot so people like that should not get 6 months punishment because they still would be doing the same thing coming out the jail they would still carry on eating people and you never know they might even go worse so please give these 2 a big punishment ever

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