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Video: Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Busts Loose on Reykjavík Dancefloor

When you think of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the last thing the comes to mind is “footloose, fancy-free dancefloor dominator.” But for one night in Reykjavík, Iceland’s insane party capital, that’s exactly what he was. Forbes’ Kashmir Hill has obtained a video of Assange busting loose to some funky disco house in a Reykjavík club back in 2009, long before the Wikishit hit the fan. The amusing clip was shot by Seth Sharp, a Yale graduate who DJs in Iceland.

“Julian was really letting go and all over the dance floor and I was really impressed at his lack of shyness,” Sharp told Hill. “So I filmed him and took photos. His white hair was also striking since the clientele at the club was usually much younger-looking.” Assange was 38 at the time. Sharp says he asked for his permission to photograph him, and that “[he] hesitated at first and I told him that I would not put them on Facebook.”

According to Forbes, Sharp did not realize who Assange was at the time he shot the video. He said he was “conflicted” about whether or not to share the video with the world, but seeing how innocent and tame it was in comparison with what’s been revealed about his amorous advances on multiple woman by Swedish investigators probing alleged sex crimes committed by the Wikileaks founder, Sharp decided to share.

“Also, I found his ability to let go on the dance floor very inspiring and I thought it would be interesting to let other people see it and make up their mind about his dancing,” he added.

Ready to make up your own mind about it? Hey DJ… bring that beat back:

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