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Ten U.N. Workers Murdered by Afghans in Retaliation for Florida Koran Burning

by Brett Wilkins

Ten foreign United Nations employees were murdered earlier today in an attack on the UN headquarters in Mazar-i-Sharif, in northern Afghanistan. Agence France-Presse reports the international workers were killed by demonstrators protesting the burning of a Koran in an American church last month.

On March 20, dubbed “International Judge the Koran Day” by Gainesville, Florida pastor Wayne Sapp, Christian congregants held a trial for the Islamic holy book, found it guilty, and burned it. This senseless, inflammatory exercise in intolerance was supervised by pastor Terry Jones, who drew international condemnation last year for his aborted plan to burn a Koran.

But more senseless are today’s killings by incensed Muslims over a book. Say what you like about fundamentalist Christ-tards and their medieval intolerance, they never murder people for burning paper. Not for the last 500 years or so, anyway. If Christians are medieval in their ways, then Muslims who support this sort of thing are downright barbaric. These killings are a godsend (no pun intended) for the Islam-haters out there, and lord knows (well, maybe I meant it just a little bit this time) there are already enough of those in the world.

The Afghan government has condemned the “disrespectful and abhorrent” burning of the Koran, calling it an attempt to incite tension between the religions. Fair enough. But nothing quite “incites tension” like the killing of innocent people over a book of fairy tales. And before some rabid mullah out there issues a fatwa on my head, chill, bro, I regard all religions which profess to be the “one true way” with equal abhorrence.  Not sure that’s enough to save my head; trying to reason with savages is like trying to teach a monkey to play the tuba.

In any case, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is calling on the United States to bring the Koran burners to justice. For what, exactly. I’d like to know. Because as offensive and juvenile as the actions of the Florida Koran burners may be, the only thing they hurt were people’s feelings. The reactionary right likes to say radical Muslims hate us for our freedoms. That’s about as true a statement as saying the United States invaded Iraq to secure Saddam’s WMDs. But burning a Koran, as senselessly insensitive as it is, is an exercise in freedom of speech. There was no crime committed.  It’s Karzai who ought to be bringing the murderers of the international workers– people who gave their lives helping this wretchedly hapless nation pick itself up off the shitheap of history– to justice.

Of course, despite protestations of indignation from both sides, I don’t expect this horrific incident will strain relations between the Karzai government and his international partners. His regime, putrid and rotting with corruption, needs our money, and the United States covets a permanent military presence— bases– in Afghanistan. And let’s not forget about the trillion dollars worth of natural resources sitting beneath the rocky Afghan soil.

Whether Koran or American flag, burning stuff is freedom of speech. (Photo: EPA)



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  1. Terry Jonestown MassacreApril 2, 2011 at 7:57 amReply

    You’re so right, Christian fundamentalists haven’t gone on murdering rampages in the last 500 years for burning a book, they’ve killed for less and in bigger numbers too. Besides that, Jones needs to get knocked for what he did (or at the very least, found accountable in the most traditional of American fashions, via a large law suit) , he knew exactly the reaction his actions would solicit and needs to be tuned up before more innocents wear the consequences of is myopic worldview.

  2. G. MannucciApril 3, 2011 at 5:56 amReply

    Mr. Wilkins, it is remarkably acceptable your opinion about the poor of sense role of “revealed and only truth” of which some of the biggest religion plays. But i have to strongly disagree to the others statement written above, first of all The Christian Church must and luckily in several cases, is ashamed for all the withdralled freedom, the tortures and the murders in the name of God in specific in the last 500 years. Second, Mr. Sapp for the institutional position is covering and the ultradelicate historical moment should have thought more of what he was doing, much more. If you have some feticistic reserve of hatred to spend for an Holy Book do it your self but in silence in your private holy sphere. I’d like to see him under a trial for the direct cause of death of at least 10 people where the family of this people sitting in the jury. I think western world should play the role of the revolution and positive speaker in the religious dispute otherwise we could just hope in the Mercy of the Lord.

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