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Ohio Priest Arrested for Drunk Driving Offers Police Oral Sex in Exchange for Freedom

Sunday. The day of the Lord. Especially for priests. But not for 35-year-old Father Ignatius Kury of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio. Late on the night of Sunday, February 27, police in Brimfield Township Ohio received a report of a car that had run off the road. Upon further investigation, officers found Kury laying down in the back seat of the vehicle. He wasn’t praying, but he was “extremely intoxicated,” Brimfield Township police chief David Blough told WJW Fox 8 Cleveland. How intoxicated? Kury tested three times the legal limit and was arrested and taken to the police station for processing. Officers told WJW that “that’s when things got really interesting.”

Police began videotaping the drunken priest in order to protect themselves and for use as evidence in court, “because of the fact that one of my officers walked by the holding cell and he was exposing himself,” explained Chief Blough. On the tape, Kury can be heard saying “I’ll give you a sermon on the mount… The sermon is this… get these fuckin’ bars off me!”

During the course of a 20-minute rant that covered everything from Sarah Palin to Libya to Oprah Winfrey, who Kury claimed was going to haul her “fat ass” to the police station to help spring him from jail, Kury alternately begged for his release (tears and all), threatened officers, and propositioned them. “I’m not a monster, please let me go” he tearfully protests. “Jesus Christ, I pay my taxes,” he says. “I’ll do whatever you want,” he said. “What do you want? Want me to give you a blowjob? Is that what you want? Do you want me to be a sexual slave?”

Father Kury is going to need the Lord’s help– and a good lawyer’s, too– if he’s to have any chance of getting out of this one without losing his dignity, his reputation and his job. Police say they’re only charging him with drunk driving, being that a DUI and the public release of his rant video are punishment enough. According to WEWS ABC 5 Cleveland, Kury will voluntarily enter an alcohol rehabilitation center in Maryland. He’ll also have to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and, needless to say, his driving license was suspended.

Oh, and here’s that tape (the blowjob part happens around the 5:00 mark):

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