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Chilling Video: Libyan Woman Claiming Soldiers Raped Her is Dragged Away by Gaddafi Thugs

A visibly shaken Libyan woman rushed into the upscale Tripoli hotel housing most foreign journalists in the country to tell them that government troops raped her. The woman, Eman al-Obeidi, was then jumped by waitresses and government thugs as she emotionally recounted the horrific ordeal she claims she endured at the hands of Gaddafi’s soldiers. She was then dragged from the hotel, screaming, and taken into state custody.

Al-Obeidi said she was detained by whiskey-drinking soldiers at a checkpoint, tied up, and taken away and gang-raped by 15 men. “They tied me up… they even defecated and urinated on me,” she claimed, tears running down her face. “The Gaddafi militiamen violated my honor!” The woman, who according to the Associated Press appeared to be in her 30s, had scratches on her face and a bloody thigh. But other than that, she had no evidence that what she claimed happened to her actually took place. Still, pro-Gaddafi forces have brutalized civilians in areas with high rebel activity; al-Obeidi is from rebel-held Benghazi.

As al-Obeidi told her harrowing tale, a waitress at the luxurious Rixos Hotel brandished a butter knife and a government thug pulled out a handgun. Waiters called her a traitor and told her to shut up. Foreign journalists tried to protect her from Gaddafi’s goons as the situation quickly escalated and they assaulted the woman. Some of the reporters were manhandled by the thugs. One British journalist was punched; a CNN camera was thrown to the ground and smashed to pieces. The government goons soon gained the upper hand and dragged al-Obeidi out of the hotel and into a waiting car. Despite all this, she kept yelling at the journalists and showing them her bruises. One of the thugs kept trying to shut her up by placing his hand over her mouth; it didn’t work.

“Look at what happens– Gaddafi’s militiamen kidnap women at gunpoint, and rape them… they rape them” she screamed.

A spokesman for the Libyan government, who called al-Obeidi  “a sane person,” insisted she is “safe and well” in the custody of the criminal investigation bureau, and that her claims are being taken seriously. “Those claims are being investigated,” he said. “We believe this is not political case, this is a criminal case,” he said, adding that “a lawyer has been offered to her.”

We’ll see…

UPDATE: According to the New York Daily News, five men have been arrested in connection with the alleged kidnap, torture and rape of Iman al-Obeidi, including the the son of a high-ranking police officer.

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