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Jon Stewart Slams U.S. Attack on Libya: “Don’t We Already Have Two Wars?”

March 22, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Arts & Entertainment, War with 1 Comment

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show returned from a week-long vacation last night, and host Jon Stewart wasted no time catching up on the monumental news stories he missed last week. First up: the foreign attack on Libya. Stewart slammed America’s involvement in the military operation, asking incredulously “don’t we already have two wars?” He wondered how on earth our nearly bankrupt country can afford such an adventure, declaring that “you can’t simultaneously fire teachers and Tomahawk missiles.” As usual, Stewart was hilariously on point. Here’s the segment from last night’s show:

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One Comment

  1. SteveApril 11, 2011 at 12:24 amReply

    From an avid reader: Worst Moral Low Ground post yet – it’s not a war Mr Stewart; it’s disabling their defenses, the evil thing to do would be to give Gadaffi a chance. And that amount of missiles is negligible; thousands more are used up or detonated in training regularly. Hilariously on point? Jon Stewart can often be on point, but not this time. Firing missiles and teachers tickled me though.

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