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‘Douche du Jour’: “Patriotic” Christian Mob Surrounds & Harasses Muslim Man Outside White House

A group of fundamentalist Christian “patriots” led by Randall Terry, founder of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, and Terry Jones, the would-be Koran-burning Florida pastor, surrounded and harassed a Muslim man outside the White House in Washington, DC recently. The group showed up to counter-protest a planned Islamic gathering that was had been canceled. But one Muslim man, who regularly prays outside the White House, had the bad luck to run into this bunch of rabidly anti-Islamic douchebags.

Jones announced he was planning to put the Koran on trial. “We have declared March 20th International Judge the Koran Day,” he said. If found guilty, the Koran will be punished…. the Koran will be drowned, the Koran will be burned, the Koran will be shredded or the Koran will face a firing squad.”

But the hateful group gathered at the White House wasn’t waiting until March 20 to pass its judgment on Islam.

“They want to take over the United States and spread that Sharia law. Are you kidding me?” replied one man when asked why he was there. “You have to say Allah Akbar (god is great), or they will cut your head off,” fumed another. They kept their message on point– that Islam is a “religion of the sword” and that Muslims want to take over the world, including the United States, and implement Sharia law, chopping off anyone’s head who resists. “They’re gonna ruin [America] with their own stupid laws. Take it back to your own country,” one man yelled at the Muslim man. “I got a gift for you,” snickered one man as he presented the Muslim with a small metal cross. “A cross. Jesus died for you. He loves you,” he added, oozing sarcasm.

Every once in a while, someone would approach the group and attempt to reason with them. These were, without exception, exercises in futility. One woman repeatedly tried to talk some sense into these ignorant Christians, assuring them that Muslims are not out to chop their heads off. “My son served four deployments with the 82nd airborne and he told me these people wanna cut your head off,” one older woman retorted. “Of course, when you’re in the military shooting at them they do want to cut your head off,” the sensible younger woman, who lived four years in the Middle East with Muslims replied. “Not the rest of us.”

No matter. The hateful harassment of the Muslim man continued, especially once he knelt in prayer.”Allah is the devil! Alah is Satan,” shouted one man. And after slamming Islam as a bloody religion over and over again, one man expressed his philosophy towards Muslims: “Kill your enemy, plain and simple!”

In addition to their slavish devotion to Christianity, the group were also predictably patriotic. Some mechanically chanted “USA! USA!” at the Muslim man. “Everything I need to learn about Islam I learned on 9/11,” read one man’s t-shirt. Another man’s biker jacket had a metal plate on the back of it reading DANGER- STAY 100 METERS BACK OR YOU WILL BE SHOT. The message was repeated in Arabic writing beneath the English script.

Still, through it all, the Muslim man exhibits remarkable poise. “I have respect for this country,” he said. And all the while, while being attacked by  vile, hateful words from the vile, hateful Christians, the Muslim man prayed in Arabic that their families be blessed.

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