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Lies, and More Lies, from Fox News Belie “Fair and Balanced” Wisconsin Protest Coverage

March 3, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Labor, Mass Media, Protests with 1 Comment

From the “fair and balanced” folks at Fox News comes a trio of truthless telecasts regarding the Wisconsin union protests.

First, the network’s “Fox and Friends” program broadcast the results of a USA Today/Gallup poll that found 61% of Americans, or at least those who were polled, opposed stripping unions of their collective bargaining rights. Thirty-three percent favored such a move. Only problem is, Fox broadcast the opposite— that 61% favored taking away collective bargaining rights and 33% opposed it. An honest mistake?

An honest mistake?

The following week, Fox News reporter Mike Tobin, reporting from the Wisconsin union protests, claimed he was punched by a protester. Tobin’s claim was seized upon by the reactionary right as evidence that the pro-union demonstrators were a bunch of rabid, violent Stalinist thugs. Only problem is, Tobin was never punched. Luckily, a bystander caught the alleged blow on video. The “punch” was nothing more than a light touch on the shoulder… a pat at best. Another honest mistake?

Now comes the latest Fox fabrication. On Tuesday’s edition of the O’Reilly Factor, the network’s highest-rated show, Mike Tobin sat down for an interview with host Bill O’Reilly, who showed protest footage on the wall behind him. While once again painting the peaceful Wisconsin protesters as violent leftist goons, O’Reilly showed footage of a belligerent union protester. But a close examination of the video reveals palm trees in the background. Palm trees in Madison? Yet another honest mistake?

The galling thing about all this is that Fox News has jumped all over the protesters who try to interrupt their broadcasts with vociferous chants of “FOX LIES!” The network’s talking hotheads bitch and moan about how these far-left extremist protesters want to deny Fox reporters their First Amendment press freedom rights and mock them for suggesting that Fox News is anything but eminently fair and balanced. But Fox News does lie, and that’s why the Wisconsin protesters are all up in their business.

You don’t see them shouting down any other network’s reporters, do you?

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  1. DavidMarch 4, 2011 at 3:36 pmReply

    This article is TOTAL SPIN. Nothing more.

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