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Reigning Miss Colorado USA is Homeless, Soon to be Jobless Too

February 24, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Rich & Poor with 0 Comments

In what was literally the crowning achievement of her young life, 23-year-old Blair Griffith won the title of Miss Colorado USA last Halloween. A month later she was homeless. Her father passed away from prostate cancer years ago and her mother had a heart attack and major surgery three years ago. The financial strain depleted the family finances to the point where they were evicted from their home last November.

Now it looks like Griffith, who graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Colorado, will lose her job at Saks Fifth Avenue when the upscale retailer closes its Cherry Creek Shopping Center store in Denver next month.

Incredibly, the scrappy young pageant winner is undaunted by the challenges life seems to keep throwing her way. “I feel like these are all just moments that are teaching me how to be a stronger person,” she told Denver’s Channel 9 News.

Griffith is now living with a family friend while she prepares to compete for the Miss USA 2011 crown on June 19th. She makes appearances on behalf of the Miss Colorado USA organization, which she credits for taking care of her wardrobe and travel expenses. She also publishes a blog teaching girls how to compete in pageants on a shoestring budget.


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