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Domino’s Pizza Saves Elderly Woman’s Life

Every morning for the past three years without fail, 82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee rings her local Domino’s Pizza and orders a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two Diet Cokes. It’s the store’s first order of the day. But when three days passed and Wilson didn’t order any pizza, delivery driver Susan Guy grew concerned– enough so that she went to Wilson’s home to see if she was okay.

“She hasn’t called in three days? I go, I gotta go. I gotta go,” Guy told KTRE in Memphis. “I ran over here and beat on all the windows and tried to hear if I heard a voice. I didn’t hear her.”

She then dialed 911.

It turns out that the elderly woman had fallen and was unable to get up or reach her phone. All weekend she lay helpless on her floor until the caring pizza delivery driver from Domino’s showed up on Monday and saved her life. Wilson’s prognosis is good; she is recovering in a local hospital. But if she keeps eating Domino’s Pizza every day, she may very well need emergency assistance again soon!

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  1. Joachim SchneiderFebruary 25, 2011 at 4:19 amReply

    I am missing some information here, like that Guy had made her own experiences with her mother falling down and being located on the floor for hours until found, so she immediately thought of something similar could have happened to Mrs. Wilson. More: I’m missing the reaction and discussion with her boss who wouldn’t let her go until she offered that she would accept not to be paid for the time. “What the heck do I care about a customer who’s not ordering Pizza?”. Well, pure waste of time and money can in some occasions save life.

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