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‘Douche du Jour’: Abandoned Baby Girl Eaten by Stray Dogs in India

A newborn baby girl left for dead in the bush by her mother was eaten by a pack of stray dogs in the Indian state of Orissa, the Orissa Diary reports. This horrific incident occurred in the town of Jagatsinghpur last week. According to the Diary, two people, including the infant’s mother, went into the bush, where the baby was born. The pair, our Daily Douches, then fled the scene. Locals heard the infant’s cries and alerted authorities, but no one came forward to rescue her. She was dead within hours.

To compound this tragedy, a pack of stray dogs attacked the baby’s body. Local residents attempted to save the body but the dogs were able to tear away pieces of it, which they then devoured.

According to the Diary, this wasn’t the first time that stray dogs have eaten baby girls left on the roadside by mothers who don’t want them. Boys are still much more highly prized than girls in many parts of India because they carry on the family name and traditionally take care of their parents in their old age. Many Indian parents also worry about paying dowries for their daughters when they marry. Although demanding dowries has been illegal in India for more than half a century, old customs die hard and the practice continues among all social classes.

The United Nations estimates that 750,000 unborn girls are aborted each year in India, despite a ban on ultrasound examinations for the purpose of determining a child’s sex. Countless other girls are abandoned at birth, or worse, murdered. Nobody knows exactly how many victims of female infanticide there are in such a poor, massive nation. But the result is a dangerous gender imbalance in this country of 1.15 billion people. According to the BBC, there are only 840 girls for every 1,000 boys in India today.

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