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Millions of YOUR Tax Dollars Support U.S. Military’s NASCAR Sponsorship


The US military has spent millions of dollars sponsoring NASCAR stock car racing. In this day and age of massive government debt, some Democrats want the Pentagon’s long-running partnership with NASCAR to end.

“It’s just a waste of money,” Bill Harper, chief of staff for Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) told the National Journal. “A complete waste of taxpayer money. The military shouldn’t be in the business of sponsoring race cars, they should be in the business of fighting wars.”

Harper says the US Army has spent $23.6 million in the last two years on NASCAR and drag racing sponsorships. Rep. McCollum wants to end this sponsorship of the popular “sport.”

The Pentagon apparently considers this money well spent. Racing sponsorships raise the profile of the military and serve as a recruiting tool. Places where young white men get off on watching Chevrolets drive around an oval track for hours on end are the same places where lots of young men and women enlist in the military. According to the National Journal, 1 in 5 NASCAR fans has served in the US armed forces and NASCAR fans are 150% more likely than non-fans to have served in the military.

A cynical observer might point out that NASCAR fans tend to vote Republican; the Democrats who want to end Pentagon sponsorship don’t have to worry about angering their constituents. It would also be remiss not to mention that the amount of money the Pentagon spends on NASCAR sponsorship is a drop in the $740,000,000,000 bucket that is the US defense budget.

Still, in this economy, every little bit counts. Especially when we’re talking about taxpayer dollars. How do you feel about your tax dollars going to sponsor stock car racing?

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