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Update: Israeli Vulture “Spy” Declared Innocent by Saudi Arabia

Not a Zionist plot. (Photo: Thermos)

A wild vulture tagged for tracking by Tel Aviv University in Israel that was captured in Saudi Arabia and accused of espionage has been declared innocent by authorities in the desert kingdom. And not just any old authorities– no less a figure than Prince Bandar bin Saud al Saud, chief of the National Security Council and the country’s former ambassador to the United States, has vouched for the bird’s innocence.

“These systems are fitted to birds and animals, including marine animals. Most countries use these system, including Saudi Arabia,” Saud said. “We have taken delivery of this bird, but we will set it free again after we [have] verified its systems.”

Dan Alon, director of Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature, said he was “filled with joy to hear of the bird’s release.”

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