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House Republicans Declare War on Planet Earth

Deny this.

By killing a committee devoted to global warming and energy issues, and by introducing several pieces of legislation intended to block the Obama administration from acting to ameliorate the devastating effects of climate change, the newly Republican-controlled House of Representatives has effectively declared war on planet earth.

One of the first things the Republican-controlled 112th Congress did was to kill a committee devoted to global warming and energy issues. The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming is no more. The committee, which was established by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in 2006, dealt with everything from crafting energy legislation to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster last year. It is also responsible for the landmark 2009 climate bill that never became law, thanks to Senate inaction.

Some Republicans wanted to keep the committee so they could use it to investigate and attempt to discredit the 97% of scientists worldwide who believe that anthropogenic climate change– man-made global warming– is real and happening now. What do you expect when fully half the incoming Republican freshmen are global warming deniers?

“The global warming committee doesn’t need to be a separate committee,” incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said last month. “We believe the Science Committee is more than capable of handling this issue, and in the process we’ll save several million dollars.”

Such is the typical short-sighted, greed-motivated mentality of the lawmakers who now control the House of Representatives. They’d rather save a few million dollars now than quite possibly save the future of the earth as we know it.

“Someday, our children and grandchildren will look back on the record of the Select Committee,” the committee’s final report concluded. “That record will reflect a respectful and rigorous debate and an unprecedented understanding of the challenges before us. Whether or not they will see that this generation has taken the bold action required by these challenges remains to be seen.”

With the current gang of corporate puppets in power, “bold action” is highly unlikely.

Yesterday, their second day in power, House Republicans introduced three bills aimed at thwarting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) efforts to reduce global warming. Rep. Ted Poe of Texas introduced a measure that would prohibit the EPA from using any money to implement or enforce regulations that set limits on the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.  Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee introduced a bill that would change the Clean Air Act so the EPA was no longer able to regulate  carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under existing laws. And Rep. Shelley Moore Capito of mining state West Virginia introduced a measure that would delay any efforts by the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide by two years.

House Republicans believe that environmental protection is killing jobs. “Without congressional action to say otherwise, the EPA will continue to dismantle energy and manufacturing industries through regulation,” Capito said. What these GOP lawmakers  can’t or don’t want to acknowledge, however,  is that the very energy and manufacturing industries they’re protecting (usually because those corporations donate generously to their campaigns) are killing the planet. And in the end, that’s far more important than killing jobs.

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