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Saudis Detain Israeli-Tagged Vulture Suspected of Espionage

An Israeli spy? Of course not. But try telling that to the Saudis. (Photo: Thermos)

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have detained a vulture suspected of being an Israeli spy.

The bird was caught near a sheik’s home in the town of Hayel. It was fitted with a GPS transmitter and a tag that read ‘Tel Aviv University,’ a common enough practice in the world of ornithological research, but apparently enough to cause paranoid Saudi authorities to detain the bird.

A local paper said the vulture had a “foul odor coming from its mouth,” proof, evidently, of a Mossad plot.

Apparently the Saudis are unaware that vultures feast upon the rotting carcasses of other animals and regurgitate stinging, acidic chunks of semi-digested carrion to scare off unwanted intruders, which could explain the captured bird’s halitosis problem.

Israeli scientists have identified the jailed bird as “E65,” part of a research project tracking the migratory patterns of Middle Eastern vultures.

The birds are incapable of comprehending the intricacies of regional politics (the same can be said of most humans too) and thus are prone to stray into areas that no person in their right mind would want to. This is what seems to have happened here.

But the Saudis aren’t hearing it. There is an irrational hysteria surrounding Israeli intentions and Zionist plots that, frankly, isn’t helped much by real-life Israeli actions.

A recent series of shark attacks on the Egyptian coast was also blamed on Israel. The Mossad (Israeli intelligence), the fish tale goes, trained the sharks to attack vacationers in a bid to destroy Egypt’s vital tourism industry.

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