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Counterpoint: Ron Lunski Defends Israeli Conduct During “Operation Cast Lead” Invasion of Gaza

December 29, 2010 by Brett Wilkins in Guest Bloggers with 2 Comments

Ron Lunski rebuts our December 27 post, ‘On This Day’ 2008: Israel Launches Brutal “Operation Cast Lead” Invasion of Gaza:

Your report makes no mention of two very important facts.

First, it is well known that Hamas militants intentionally used children and civilians as human shields while firing rockets at Israel. There were even confirmed reports that rockets were fired from schools. When Hamas is so cowardly as to fire at Israel while hoping that Israel won’t strike back because it is intentionally surrounded itself with civilians we know they have no value for any human life, including the lives of the Palestinians.

Second, the so called “democratically elected” Hamas government is so corrupt that they have brought much of the suffering upon the people in Gaza. They have stolen much of the foreign aid that comes into Gaza and used it to line their own pockets and purchase more weapons rather than feeding the people and building their infrastructure. Furthermore, Hamas’ stated goal of the destruction of the entire State of Israel, and its ongoing efforts to accomplish this goal by firing rockets at Israel, only invites further retalition from a country who is trying to defend itself.

Your article also makes it sound as if it was Israeli policy to use children as human shields, when in fact it is forbidden and the very few soldiers who did do that were prosecuted.

While telling the horrific personal stories of some of the victims pulls our heartstrings, nothing in this post changes the fact that the primary reason for Palestinian suffering is their own corrupt government that is hellbent on the destruction of Israel. No country or nation on earth would ever just sit back and allow bombs to be fired on it continuously without reprisal. Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas and they should do whatever is necessary to defend its people. The only solution to this problem is a negotiated settlement that recognizes Israel’s right to exist!

Ron Lunski is an Israeli-American who has traveled extensively in the Middle East. He lives in San Francisco and is a litigation attorney at Lorber, Greenfield & Polito.

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  1. DaveDecember 29, 2010 at 11:47 amReply

    Nice rebuttal Ron. Its usual that people see Israel as the agressors and I have said time and again that its easy to critisize while living in a nice safe place like for instance San Francisco and not in a country that is surrounded by countries.that are un friendly.and some firing rockets into Israel almost on a daily occurance. Imagine if Mexico or Canada or Cuba.did that. Just thinl of the reponse by the USA! Its a fact that Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups use civilians as shields and then use our civilized.rules against the west. Having worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon and other hot spots I have seen first hand what these groups.qre capable.of. Look at just a few days ago when a suicide bomber blew themselves up in a food aid line in Pakistan killing scores of people. Do people think Iran once it has a.nuke it wont eventually use it? Whatever the pros and cons of Israel becoming a State in 1948, it is there, it has a.right to exist, and all the Palestines do is stop the violence and live peacefully with Israel as Egypt and Jordan hqve done so for many years. Reject their current leadership and find leaders who will do the.right thing for them.and.not.line their pockets.

  2. SalmaneDecember 29, 2010 at 1:40 pmReply

    Mr Lunski,
    I think you make a very good point, however I fear you forget few things. No matter how much Hamas used children as human shields, Hamas was attacked in Gaza and not on The Israeli Territories ( I know many would argue that Gaza is an Israeli Territory anyway just like the rest of the Palestinian Territories). I am by no means in support of Hamas, but to say Israel is innocent is a stretch of the imagination. The UN does not think so either by the way, but the UN’s judgment seems to be only of value when attacking Iraq for example…anyhow…another story for another day…..but to continue….What would you say about the use of white phosphorus, about the killing of over 1000 civilians , No one in the IDF would have the audacity to say that they were all human shields…….there are so many things that the IDF was doing a little more than Defense……..Having said that, I agree with you on the point that Israel must have the right to exist and I don’t think that is debatable. Neighboring countries can try all they want but the reality will not change we both know that. What about the right of a Palestinian state? …ok I will say this….I don’t even think that it is that important, what I believe to be critical is that every single person , no matter what blood color they have, must be treated with respect and dignity. Last I checked Arabs and Jews are both Semites, time to live in peace 🙂

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