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What YOU Can Do to Help Bradley Manning

Jailed and abused by his US military captors, whistleblower Bradley Manning is not going to have a merry Christmas this year.  He’s being held in 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement without access to such basic human comfort items as a pillow for the last 212 days. His treatment borders on torture.

But the 22-year-old Army private is grateful for the outpouring of sympathy and support he’s received from across American and around the world. He’s released a Christmas Eve statement through his lawyer: “I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and well wishes during this time… I’m also thankful for everything that has been done to aid in my defense.”

Manning’s many supporters range from ordinary citizens like you and I to  international luminaries and historical figures like Daniel Ellsberg, whose leaking of the Pentagon Papers helped bring about an end to the Vietnam War.

“If Bradley Manning did what he’s accused of, then he’s a hero of mine and I think he did a great service to this country,” Ellsberg said.

Groups like Code Pink have urged President Obama  to pardon Manning. Courage to Resist, which encourages service members to just say no to “illegal war and occupation,” has raised over $117,000 for Manning’s legal defense fund and the Bradley Manning Support Network is also raising money for this noble cause.

Do YOU believe that exposing war crimes is not a crime? Do you want to help Bradley Manning’s legal defense? Here’s what you can do now:

– you can write him a letter to let him know how you feel about what he’s done and that he’s not forgotten. Address letters to: c/o Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave. #41, Oakland, CA 94610.

– you can make a tax-deductible donation to his legal defense fund.

– you can sign a petition to President Obama demanding humane treatment of this American hero.

– you can contact  his captors at the Quantico Marine Corps base:

Contact the Quantico base commander:

COL Daniel Choike
Phone: +1-703-784-2707
3250 Catlin Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134

Contact the Marine Brig commanding officer:

CWO4 James Averhart
Fax: +1-703-784-4242
3247 Elrod Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134

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