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Anti-Israeli War Crimes Bus Ad Stirs Controversy in Seattle

They’re already calling is the “anti-Israeli” bus ad. It is not. The ad is not against the Israeli people, the Israeli culture or the Israeli economy. It is against Israeli war crimes, specifically Israeli war crimes in Gaza as we approach the anniversary of the horrific 2008 invasion known as “Operation Cast Lead” that killed 1,417 people, 926 of them innocent civilians. The ad shows a photo of children looking at a collapsed building destroyed by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). It simply reads:

The ad is scheduled to appear on the sides of a dozen buses in Seattle, Washington on Monday and run for a month. It’s being paid for by the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign.

“The ads are to raise awareness that our tax dollars are being spent in one-sided support of the state of Israel and particularly of those policies of Israel that violate human rights and maintain the bad situation, which is that one people has power over another,” explained Ed Mast, a local playwright and activist who heads the group.

“We’re all committed to the simplest of solutions, which is equal rights,” Mast told the Seattle Times.

But Richard Fruchter, who heads the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, says Metro (the city’s transit authority) should not run the ads.

“We certainly as an organization support the First Amendment right to free speech,” he told the Times, “but we feel that this violates Metro’s own policy that running ads shouldn’t insult specific groups. I think that this is an ad that’s designed to insult Israelis and the 50,000 members of the Jewish community, many of whom support Israel.”

Pro-Zionist groups are pressuring Metro not to run the ad:

This would be a terrible blow to free speech  and further proof of the insidious nature of the Zionist lobby. Moral Low Ground finds it very telling indeed that Fruchter and his ilk are more insulted by the bus ads than by the senseless slaughter of innocent children in Gaza and the West Bank by the Israeli military.

Said Ed Mast: “My experience is that those who want to defend Israel right or wrong want also to stop dialogue, stop discussion, stop education, stop public awareness, and will use a wide range of tactics, and this is one.”

It certainly is. There’s also the “anti-Semite” label that is bandied about so liberally as a weapon against criticism of Israel. If the critic happens to be Jewish, than he or she is a “self-hating Jew.”

The Zionist publicity machine is a well-oiled one, and apologists for Israel will go to great lengths to silence anyone who attempts to shine light upon the horrific brutality regularly practiced by Israel against those standing in the way of its goal of total conquest and control of Palestine.

For more about the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, go to:

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  1. jillDecember 23, 2010 at 5:38 pmReply

    Outraged. That a murderous faction should hold power by stealing money and hold the world in contempt…. america needs a lot of help to overcome this evil, for goodness sake, overturn this horror before we are all destroyed.

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