Moral Low Ground


Hillary Clinton says U.S. Night Raids are “in the Best Interests of the Afghan People.”

NATO and U.S. forces have killed thousands of innocent Afghan civilians as they wage their “War On Terror” as uninvited invaders. Previously, aerial bombardment was the leading cause of civilian deaths. Now, deadly night raids are terrorizing the Afghan people and undermining efforts to “win hearts and minds.”

In one instance, U.S. and allied troops allegedly dragged 9 Afghan children from their beds and executed them.

In another atrocity, American and coalition soldiers shot dead two pregnant women, a teenage girl and a local official and then attempted to conceal their crime by digging the bullets out of the bodies.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has demanded that NATO scale back military operations in the country, especially the night raids that kill so many innocent Afghans. But U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has rejected Karzai’s demands, declaring that deadly raids are “a key component” of Washington’s military strategy and “in the best interests of the Afghan people.”

Go tell that to the families of the thousands of innocents slaughtered by U.S., NATO and allied Afghan forces.

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